I'm a designer/maker that loves to explore the intersection of product, technology and marketing. As a curious person, I aim to be constantly learning & experimenting through the creation of digital products and experiences. I’m a firm believer that the emergence of fields like Machine Learning are dramatically changing how people interact with technology. Lately I’ve been designing and testing ideas in new contexts like conversational interfaces.


Juntos por Lisboa a website for a political elections campaign (2017) (online)

Work in Crypto curated jobs in the cryptocurrency industry (2017) (online)

Two Emojicons in a bar a funny Twitter bot that generates conversations between 2 emojicons meeting in a bar (2017) (online)

Spark an ecommerce chatbot for the medical cannabis market in Canada (2017) (wip)

Work with VR a job board focused on the Virtual & Augmented Reality industry (2017) (wip)

Be Nice! an Amazon Alexa skill for people that forget to be polite in a conversation (2017) (online)

Wise Words a collection with some of the most interesting pdf's around the web (2017) (online)

Yummy a mobile app concept for parents to stay on top of their baby’s meals (2017) (concept)

CR7Bot an unofficial chatbot about Cristiano Ronaldo (2017) (online)

Victor a chatbot focused in the UEFA Euro 2016 (2016) (online)

Random Meditations a Twitter bot that mixes excerpts from the Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations book (2016) (online)

SneakerBits a chatbot that shares the best articles and latest trends in the sneaker’s world (2016) (online)

Fit Mommy a curated list with the best pregnancy workout videos on Youtube (2015) (rip)

Vota 2015 a website with Glitch Art applied to all political candidates for the last Portuguese national elections (2015) (online)

FootBits a parody news website about sport’s speculation (2015) (rip)

Daily Smile an anonymous diary where users could share how was their day and speak about their feelings, desires and fears (2014) (rip)

The Currency a social news app focused in everything related with cryptocurrencies and the future of money (2014) (rip)

Trailer Room a simple website to discover great movies through their trailers (2013) (online)

Other topics that I'm interested in: 🤖 Machine Learning # 🏋️ Crossfit # ⚽ Football # 🎥 Cinema # 🔊 Techno

What I'm watching & reading in 2017

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