Pedro Pinto

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I'm a product person that loves to explore the intersection of growth, ux design, technology and marketing. I’m currently working remotely in Product and Marketing initiatives for Jobartis, a leading job platform in the african market.

During the last years, I’ve also designed, coded & build a wide variety of projects from scratch. You can check some of those projects below. This is a work in progress, I will soon add more relevant information about each project.

Sunsets 2017 (wip)

App concept for discovering DJ sets

p5.js experiments 2017 (wip)

Playing with the JavaScript library

Juntos por Lisboa 2017 (online)

Political campaign website

Work in Crypto 2017 (online)

A job board for a market niche

Crypto Lite 2017 (online)

Text only top cryptocurrencies price

Doctor Amor 2017 (wip)

Relationship tips through chat

Be Nice! 2017 (online)

An educational Amazon Alexa skill

Spark 2017 (on hold)

A chatbot for the canadian cannabis market

Yummy 2017 (concept)

An app concept for new parents

CR7Bot 2017 (online)

An unofficial chatbot about Ronaldo

2 Emojicons in a bar 2017 (online)

Twitter bot with emojicons

Wise Words 2017 (online)

A curated list of interesting pdf's

SneakerBits 2016 (online)

A chatbot for sneakers fans

Victor 2016 (online)

A Messenger bot for the UEFA Euro 2016

Random Meditations 2016 (online)

A Twitter bot mixing Marcus Aurelius

Banco Popular 2015 (private)

Bank's intranet redesign

Vota 2015 2015 (online)

Glitch Art applied to political candidates

FootBits 2015 (rip)

A parody news website about football

Fit Mommy 2015 (rip)

The best pregnancy workout videos on Youtube

Daily Smile 2014 (rip)

An anonymous diary web app

The Currency 2014 (rip)

A social news app about cryptocurrencies

Trailer Room 2013 (online)

Discover great movies through their trailers

Apart from Product, Growth & Design, I'm also interested in other topics like: 🤖 Machine Learning 🏋️ Crossfit ⚽ Football 🎥 Cinema 🔊 Techno 🔗 Blockchain

I'm compiling a list of interesting sources about AI & Design, you can check it on

Speaking of lists, I also made one with what I'm reading & watching in 2019.

And that's all. Thanks for stopping by.