Be Nice!

An educational Amazon Alexa skill

2017 (online)

Role: Founder (design/development)

Goal: Dive into Voice UI Design, through the creation of an Alexa skill that can be used to remind people to be nice and polite during conversations.

Summary: The way how people interact with technology can profoundly affect their behavior, and today this is more true than ever with the rise of artificial intelligence assistants. How this new type of interactions can shape people’s social skills, especially in kids, who are at the first stages of social and language development? It’s still soon to evaluate the true impact that AI is going to have in our behavior, but one thing it’s almost certain, the volume of interactions between humans and AI assistants it’s prone to increase each passing day. In many households, people already see Alexa as a family member. Using the Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Node.js, I designed and developed a simple Skill that can be used to remind people to be polite during conversations and then balance the development of social and emotional skills during artificial intelligence interactions.

Research about the topic

Mapping out some potential utterances

Be Nice! answers

Testing the Skill