Banco Popular

Bank's intranet redesign

2015 (private)

Role: Designer

Goal: Improve the homepage’s usability & readability and to provide the most useful information for the sales department (marketing campaigns, sales goals, etc)

Summary: As the person responsible for the bank’s intranet homepage design, one of the most important projects was the redesign made in 2015. The intranet was used by 1.500 employees, divided in more than 15 departments. The sales department, with around 400 employees spread in 200 branches, was considered the bank’s engine, responsible for more than 90% of the bank’s business. One of the key challenges was to find the best structure to display the information that could be useful to any employee across the organization, with a special focus in the sales department needs. During this project it was also possible to create a style guide to be used as a baseline in the creation of any new intranet page. Before this implementation, existed several inconsistencies in most of the intranet pages in terms of visual language. I was in charge of all the the design process: user research through interviews and online surveys, define the information architecture, create low-fi and hi-fi wireframes and ensure the correct implementation by the development team.

Homepage - desktop view