Juntos por Lisboa

Political campaign website

2017 (online)

Role: Designer

Goal: Design and implement a website presenting the party candidate and the electoral program for the Lisbon local elections.

Summary: I was contacted by a citizens political party in order to design and develop a website for their Lisbon local elections campaign in less than 10 days. The candidate for the election was a well known portuguese public figure and political activist without any previous affiliation with the political party in question and with a higher brand awareness. In terms of strategy it’s was essential to put the candidate at the forefront with the party as the campaign supporter. The website have a simple layout, allowing the user to focus in the main message and to easily understand the core values behind this political campaign. Traditionally the local elections have a low turnout, so it was also important to encourage users to go vote and engage with the political campaign.

Landing page - desktop view

Landing page - mobile view

Electoral program page - mobile view