p5.js experiments

Playing with the JavaScript library

2017 (wip)

At the end of October I've started a course called Introduction to Programming for the Visual Arts with p5.js, which aims to be an introduction to the potential of software development within a broad range of the arts, using the p5.js libray. In this page I'm going to show some of my experiments with this JavaScript library.

Collage: The goal was to create a collage system that combines images, typography and generated graphics. Every time the user clicks the mouse it should generate a new collage. Considering that Zara copies almost all fashion brands, I’ve decided to develop the collage around this topic.

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Patterns with loops: Using only grayscale values, the goal was to develop an abstract pattern reflecting the structure of one song. I've tried to develop a hypnotic pattern generated randomly that could pair well with the Ricardo Villalobos "Dexter" rhythm. The patterns are totally composed of angular shapes and it have a kind of organic feeling.

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Expressive eyes: The goal was to create an original and unique set of eyes with an engaging relationship to the cursor. I've tried to recreate a somewhat cartoonish set of eyes that acquire scanning powers when a user clicks.

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