App concept for discovering DJ sets

2017 (wip)

Role: Design (Sketch + Framer)

Goal: Create a concept for discovering DJ sets online.

Summary: Where do you go online to find DJ sets? I’m a big fan of electronic music and from time to time this question emerges in conversations with friends and colleagues. The current landscape it’s extremely fragmented, with both artists and consumers relying on several platforms to publish and listen to DJ sets: SoundCloud, MixCloud, Youtube, Mixing DJ, Boiler Room, etc. If a person wants to find new DJ sets with a certain frequency, it needs to jump around platforms and to be actively asking friends/colleagues about new mixes.

In my point of view, one interesting approach could be the creation of a platform where users can discover and share DJ sets. Before anything else, I’ve done some market & user research about this topic, spotting some interesting information online showing that electronic dance music (EDM) is growing without signs of slowing down:

  • According to the IMS Business Report 2017, the global electronic music market grew 3% last year and is now worth $7.4 billion.
  • The China Electronic Music Market report, presented last September, estimated 2.86 hundred million users of electronic music in China in 2017 and confirmed electronic music as the second most preferred genre amongst users in the country.
  • This EDM Audience Analysis made in 2013 by Eventbrite showed some interesting behaviors regarding EDM fans: EDM fans talk about EDM a lot, and they talk more about music compared to General Music Fans. Overall, 14% of all EDM fan conversation was driven by EDM subculture topics, such as PLUR lifestyle discussion and EDM Podcasts and DJ mixes. This was in 2013, considering that nowadays most people are much more engaged in online activities probably actually this number is higher.
  • A Nielsen study published in 2015, showed that the total number of electronic dance music tracks streamed in the U.S. over that year has skyrocketed–up 55%, to 11.2 billion streams.
  • In 2014, Nielsen published another valuable report called "Who is the Electronic Music Listener?". It showed that around 30% of EDM fans have more than 35 years old. This goes against the popular belief that it is only consumed by young people. Interestingly, during my user research I’ve talked with some people that are somewhat “retired” from nightlife but still listen to EDM. They mentioned enjoying listening DJ sets in different situations: working out at the gym, while focused on some task at work, etc.

In terms of product strategy, I’m keeping in mind that a platform like this would have a small user base at the beginning, so the first goal needs to be the habit creation on users to discover, listen and share Dj sets. The social experience (public profiles, comments, following users) can reinforce that habit creation, but I think it could be beneficial to progressively design & release that kind of features in a second phase.

I’m still working on the platform concept, but I will soon have an interactive prototype.

Player screen concept